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If you are being harassed or subject to threats of violence, receiving text messages or have been physically hurt you may require an injunction. 

We have a designated expert team to issue such applications urgently and we can usually make the application within 24 hours of your attendance at our offices with us. 

There are two types of orders that may assist to protect you. 





A Non-Molestation Order is deigned to protect you from anyone harassing, pestering or intimidating you, or using violence or threatening the use of violence against you.

An Occupation Order can assist with excluding an individual from the home, or from the immediate vicinity.

Both of these Orders are designed to protect you when you feel most vulnerable. Please contact us for an urgent appointment, where we will offer a free options appointment so that you can decide which avenue you may wish to proceed.

We offer packages to help you through this difficult time so that you will know exactly how much you would have to pay if an application has to be made to the court.  

Please telephone 01246 211006 for our Chesterfield office.