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Legal Aid is available for Mediation


What is mediation?

Family mediation is the use of an impartial person to guide you and your ex partner and to help you make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable solutions which feel fair to the both of you and your family.

Family mediation takes place within a confidential and sensitive setting, away from the pressures of Court Proceedings.  Discussions are conducted in a way that allows both of your views to be heard and considered in  a fair and open manner.

Mediation aims to promote communication and cooperation.  It allows you to control the decisions affecting your lives and the content and pace of negotiations.  It can be far quicker and cheaper that Court Proceedings and reduces conflict.

The issues which can be considered within mediation are:-

*   Relationship breakdowns

*   Separation

*   Divorce and civil partnership dissolution

*   Children issues

*   Financial Issues

At the end of the mediation process your Mediator will provide you with a confidential document setting out the discussions that took place and your proposals for the future.  If the proposals refer to financial matters you will both receive an open financial statement which you can take to a firm of Solicitors to have the document incorporated into a legally binding agreement or a Court Order.

What does it cost?

Legal aid is available to mediation clients. We will undertake an assessment of your eligibility at the first meeting.

Please call us to confirm the current costs for our services.  AIM Mediation is located within the offices of KieranClarkeGreen Solicitors in Chesterfield.

Contact details:-

Daniel Woodthorpe, 36 Clarence Road, Chesterfield, S40 1XB

Telephone:   01246 211006 or complete the self referral form for us to contact you for an appointment. Email: [email protected]

Daniel is a family mediator and solicitor and is a member of the Resolution scheme

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